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双语:WindowsXP今日正式退休 我还能用XP吗?
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双语:WindowsXP今日正式退休 我还能用XP吗?

Although the operating system is more than 12 years old, and Windows XP computers haven't been shipped since 2010, there are still millions of them in use. Gartner estimates that as much as 25 percent of Windows PCs in the workplace are running XP. Consumers tend to be even slower in upgrading.

尽管Windows XP系统已服役12年多了,并且从2010年起就不再生产搭载Windows XP系统的电脑了,但使用这一系统的人仍然很多。美国咨询公司高德纳预计,世界25%的办公用电脑仍然使用XP系统,而消费者更新系统的速度似乎更慢。

Microsoft Corp. is pushing remaining XP owners to upgrade to a newer operating system, such as Windows 7 or 8. It will still be possible to use existing Windows XP computers after Microsoft retires it Tuesday, but that comes with risks.

微软公司一直在推动XP系统的用户把电脑更新为Win7或Win8系统。尽管微软公司周二宣布Windows XP系统正式退役,但现有的Windows XP系统仍然可以继续使用,然而因为没有了微软的支持、使用XP将面临许多风险。

Here's a guide to the risks and your options.


Q. What happens on Tuesday?


A. That's the day Windows XP reaches what Microsoft calls "end of support."

答:这一天微软宣布,Windows XP系统正式“退役”了。

You'll still be able to run XP computers and install past updates. If you need to reinstall XP from scratch, you can do so if you still have the discs that came with your computer.


Q. If XP will still run, why do I need to upgrade?


A. A big reason is security. Hackers know Microsoft will no longer fix security flaws, so evil-doers have extra incentive to look for them. In addition, if a flaw is found for Windows 7 or 8, there's a good chance a similar issue exists for XP as well. So when the fixes come out for Windows 7 or 8, hackers can go back to XP to look for an opening.


There are also performance issues. If you buy a new printer or scanner, it might not work on XP. Same goes for new software, particularly if it needs faster processors and more memory beyond what was standard in XP's heyday. XP also lacks features that are common with newer operating systems, including energy-saving measures for laptops.


Q. What are my options for upgrading?


A. You can upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 by buying a disc. You will need to back up your files and have discs for any programs you may have installed, as upgrading requires completely wiping your hard drive and starting from scratch. Microsoft sells Windows 8 as an upgrade for $120; be sure to buy the DVD version and not the download.


Q. My XP computer works fine and fits my needs —and I don't want to spend money on an upgrade or a new machine. What should I do?


A. First, be sure to run all of Microsoft's previously released updates, plus the last one on Tuesday.


Then think about what you really need the computer for. If you don't need an Internet connection, unplug it. That will minimize the risk. Be careful about attaching USB storage drives, as that might introduce malicious software. If you need the Internet, refrain from using email, Facebook and other communications channels through which malicious software might travel. Use a tablet, phone or another computer instead.


Q. Why is Microsoft doing this?


A. As technology improves, it makes less sense to support something designed a PC generation or two ago. The company's resources are better spent on making newer products better.


双语:WindowsXP今日正式退休 我还能用XP吗?

双语:WindowsXP今日正式退休 我还能用XP吗?

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