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韩剧“男神女神”大盘点 哪款对你味
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Winning looks key to success

韩剧“男神女神”大盘点 总有一款适合你

There is no shortage of pretty faces in South Korean drama - the problem, rather, is choosing the prettiest ones. Let’s check out today’s most popular Korean drama stars and see how their hallmark handsomeness and signature beauty can be described in the English language.



韩剧“男神女神”大盘点 哪款对你味



Lee Min-ho, 26, actor/singer


Basics: Best known for his leading role in romantic comedy drama The Inheritors. In July 2012 in South Korea, Lee was voted the most attractive male celebrity in TV commercials for cosmetics brands.


Characteristic: In his fans’ eyes, Lee’s physique is leggy (having attractively long and slender legs) and his personality introverted while still radiating a kind and vibrant warmth.



韩剧“男神女神”大盘点 哪款对你味

Sunshine boy


Park Yu-chun, 27, singer, songwriter, model and actor


Basics: Best known as a member of pop group JYJ, Park is well-known for his acting in the dramas Miss Ripley, and Missing You.


Characteristic: Wearing a dashing suit or a casual sweater, Park is labeled as a sunshine boy who is sweet, considerate and has an irresistible smile.



韩剧“男神女神”大盘点 哪款对你味



Kim Soo-hyun, 25, actor/singer


Basics: Kim’s popularity skyrocketed when he starred in the hit period drama Moon Embracing the Sun (捧日之月), which was the most popular in its time slot and, at its peak, had viewer ratings of 42.2 percent in South Korea. Known as the “Professor” in the hit drama Man From the Stars, Kim’s popularity has hit the roof in China.

基本资料:金秀贤因出演热门古装剧《捧日之月》而迅速蹿红,该剧成为韩国同时段收视冠军,创下 42.2%的超高收视率。现在,因出演时下大热的韩剧《来自星星的你》中“教授”一角,金秀贤在中国可谓人气爆棚。

Characteristic: His character in the show has stirred a lot of discussion among fans, with his omnipotent ability to walk through walls, read minds, and engage in psychic interfacing. The alien he depicts appears to have an icy exterior and seems very aloof. Kim’s perfectly proportioned figure also means everything on him is a showcase of good fashion.



韩剧“男神女神”大盘点 哪款对你味



Lim Yoon-a, 23, singer, dancer and actress


Basics: Lim stared in Love Rain, a fantasy drama about fate and how the offspring of a previous ill-fated couple who met in the 1970s, also fall in love with each other. In 2013, she played in the TV drama Prime Minister and I (总理与我) and rose to stardom across Asia.


Characteristic: While she has no hot figure, her looks are considered “healing” - her presence and beauty can comfort the heart.



韩剧“男神女神”大盘点 哪款对你味

Plain Jane


Park Shin-hye, 23, actress, singer and dancer


Basics: Caught in a love triangle in The Inheritors, Park rocketed to fame in China overnight. She is best known for her leading role in the television drama You’re Beautiful.


Characteristic: Starring in The Inheritors, a quasi-Cinderella story, Park appears as a plain Jane, someone who is not hot but has a heart of gold. She also seems shy in the love affair, but this has not prevented her from becoming a fan favorite for looking like the girl next door.



韩剧“男神女神”大盘点 哪款对你味

Knockout chubby


Yun Eun-hea, 29, actress, singer and model


Basics: Yun debuted as a member of girl group Baby V.O.X. She has since moved on to acting and is best known for starring in the TV dramas The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince and Missing You.

基本资料:尹恩惠以韩国女子组合Baby V.O.X成员的身份踏入演艺圈。此后她歌而优则演,其主演的代表作有电视剧《咖啡王子一号店》和《想你》。

Characteristic: In an interview, Yun commented on her own looks as “a chubby face”. But that hasn’t kept her from being a knockout beauty. Compared with actors born in the 1990s, Yun radiates an aura of sophistication, with less audacity but more elegance and grace.


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